OPP asks Elder Abuse victim to leave police station

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OPP asks Elder Abuse victim to leave police station

Postby bimmer driver » Sat Jun 04, 2016 9:16 pm

About 1 year ago a 83 year old woman living in a small community north of the GTA, with a sizable OPP detachment (location and names withheld as case is presently in civil court) discovers that the house she invested $ 120 000.00 dollars in over the timeline of 4 years was actually not registered to her and the co-investor, but in the name of the co-investor and his current wife.

When the above occurred, the tenants and the landlord of said property were involved in a Landlord and Tenant dispute as the "registered owners" wanted to evict the tenants and therefore claimed the rent was not being paid and damages were done to the property. At this time, the paralegal representing the landlord, issued multiple N forms with falsified data, to try and evict the tenants, who fought back successfully at a LTB hearing winning a stay for one year.

The landlord, his paralegal and the Mayor of this town are all close friends, the Mayor, is an ex police officer I am told. Apparently all 3 meet regularly for coffee at the same local hangout.

During the illegal eviction process the potable water to the residence was found to be unusable for 56 consecutive days (contaminated with E coli) All attempts by the tenant and the 83 year old woman to fix the water well issue at their own expense were intercepted and terminated by the landlord and his agent. When the town was advised of the bylaw infractions with potable water the Mayor prevented the bylaw officer from enforcing the towns statutes.

The landlord gained illegal entry to the dwelling, and the OPP was contacted. The officer was at that time also advised of the elder abuse situation, and again 3 weeks later when the tenants did a follow up call. Approximately 4 weeks later the 83 year old woman entered the OPP detachment in that community to complain about the real estate fraud and further elder abuse from the landlord. The desk Sargent working the night shift refused to look at any evidence after he was advised who the landlord was, told the lady to get a lawyer and sue him, apparently it is "not the OPP's duty to handle civil complaints of this nature". She was asked to leave, rather impolitely.

What is interesting to note at this time, is the fact that the person (Wife of tenant) helping this lady back then was accused of fraud by the landlord and curiously enough immediately charged by the local OPP detachment under the criminal code.

Of even further interest is the fact that the "fraudulent" document in question was actually dismissed in a LTB hearing a month before the landlord took the matter to the OPP as: "the landlord had actually personally profited from this document therefore no fraud occurred". The fact that no evidence had actually been presented to substantiate the fraud claim is most curious of all, for the landlord advised all of his associates of this "crime" effectively slandering this lady's reputation. Criminal matter is proceeding and I'm sure civil action will be taken once this person is found innocent.

Over the course of the last year, since these events have occurred, the elderly lady who also has two adopted seniors, both autistic and one suffering from stage 4 cancer, in her care has been forced to sell her home, relocate with these two to a relative's residence. Furthermore she was forced to hire a litigator to attempt to recover her money. The town, MP and the Mayor have refused to respond to all correspondence including registered mail looking for an explanation as to why these events were allowed to continue.

I understand that there are many different people on this site including law enforcement and litigators. This lady is a prime example of police corruption and complete utter failure of our legal system. There exist 8 GB of data, including legal property transactions for another 3 investments dating back over a decade supporting the allegations of misconduct and unjust enrichment against the landlord, but the OPP has never allowed me to present it as even myself when I attended said OPP detachment, approximately 7 months ago, was told to "leave". I have tried communicating with the local MP, Mayor and Bylaw officer as well only to hit the same brick walls of no response. However I have been threatened multiple times with "obstruction of justice" if I continue "stirring this pot"

All I am looking for is a direction from someone on this site where I can take all the data to help this person recover some of her assets, gain some degree of justice and most importantly ensure the two autistic people in her care are looked after as long as they live.

Thank you for your time reviewing my post.

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