OPP releases names on Sunshine List

Obscenely high and unsustainable policing costs. OPP bills are destroying communities its officers are supposed to protect. Apparent self-interest is cloaked in the guise of public safety needs. Where is the political outrage while OPP costs continue to climb? Who is going to bring policing costs in this province under control?

OPP releases names on Sunshine List

Postby Thomas » Tue May 10, 2016 12:03 am

Last month's decision to not release the names of OPP officers who were on the province's $100,000 Salary Disclosure has been suddenly reversed by the service's top command.

OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes directed detachments to release the names - but not the salaries - of OPP employees on the list, which contains 5,450 names from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Staff Sgt. James Millson, who is on the list, released the information after The Expositor began a Freedom of Information request through the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Last month, Millson said "under no circumstances are we providing names of our associates" and indicated he was following a directive from West Region headquarters.

The names of all those who are earning $100,000 or more are publicly released on the list but, like all other OPP officers, jail workers and probation officers, they are lumped in with thousands of other names from the ministry on the list with no indication where the person actually works.

It means reporters are unable to track local salaries or see whether there has been an increase or decrease in the number of those earning top pay cheques.

A week ago, Millson announced Hawkes had reversed the directive "in order to maintain a transparent and consistent response throughout the OPP."

Each detachment can now release the names of the members on the salary disclosure list but not their actual salary, which is considered personal information. Reporters will have to research the list to put the numbers and names together.

When questioned about the change of heart, Sgt. Peter Leon, the OPP's provincial media relations co-ordinator, said it was learned the requests that were made to the ministry's Freedom of Information Office were "releasable."

"It was determined that detachments could provide the names of officers ... when requests were initially received, saving the requestor the need to go through the FOI process," said Leon in an e-mail.

In April, the Expositor produced a partial list of local OPP officers on the $100,000 salary disclosure list by using the previous year's information.

With the new available information, it was learned there were three people named in April who were not actually part of the local detachment this year and seven people who should have been included but weren't.

Here is the corrected, updated list, which totals about the same number as were on last year's $100,000 list for the Brant OPP. Salaries are followed by taxable benefits: Liptrott, Cmdr. Peter, $157,346.15, $2,813.48

Gracey, Jeffrey, Investigator, $138,171.75, $137.04

Skelding, Sgt. Dean, Team Leader, $134,127.27, $151.92

Millson, Staff Sgt. James, Operations Manager, $133,151.49, $152.44

Webb, Shaun, Investigator, $123,471.32, $132.20

Courtney, Justin, Law Enforcement Officer, $122,318.06, $135.72

Nicholson, Andrew, Law Enforcement Officer, $120,949.32, $133.84

Ticknor, Dennis, Law Enforcement Officer, $118,828.49, $137.12

Ormsby, Sgt. Jennifer, Team Leader, $117,915.71, $150.12

Vince, John, Law Enforcement Officer, $114,565.15, $128.16

Williams, Ronald, Investigator, $114,401.19, $140.64

Herriott, Russell, Investigator, $114,039.36, $137.04

Hampson, Sgt. Andrew, Team Leader, $113,208.95, $148.19

Parker, Christopher, Law Enforcement Officer, $113,208.04, $128.16

Packer, Andrew, Investigator, $112,863.62, $137.12

Vitalis, Conrad, Law Enforcement Officer, $111,302.85, $200.56

Grubb, Rodney, Law Enforcement Officer, $110,575.90, $216.56

Daly, Darcy, Law Enforcement Officer, $109,950.50, $132.78

Kivell, Jennifer, Law Enforcement Officer, $108,530.3, $129.26

Gagnon, Sylvie, Law Enforcement Officer, $107,999.24, $128.16

Gretzky, Brent, Law Enforcement Officer, $107,881.75, $124.56

Johnston, Kenneth, Law Enforcement Officer, $107,514.16, $131.88

Hussey, Barry, Law Enforcement Officer, $107,219.24, $135.72

Wolsk, Trevor, Law Enforcement Officer, $107,042.69, $128.16

Jibbison, Hector, Law Enforcement Officer, $106,882.17, $128.16

Happl, Aaron, Team Leader, $105,156.27, $126.96

Duncan, Athan, Law Enforcement Officer, $105,028.18, $128.16

Hickey, Blaine, Law Enforcement Officer, $104,483.98, $128.16

Potter, Kevin, Law Enforcement Officer, $104,343.16, $131.88

Crozier, Don, Law Enforcement Officer, $104,201.22, $148.30

Wiens, Shaun, Law Enforcement Officer, $104,175.10, $128.16

Pottruff, Elizabeth, Law Enforcement Officer, $103,709.67, $135.72

McMurtrie, Craig, Law Enforcement Officer, $103,635.0, $124.56

Dietz, Jeffrey, Law Enforcement Officer, $103,471.03, $131.52

Auguste, Kerry, Investigator, $102,833.27, $132.20

Williams, Arthur, Law Enforcement Officer, $102,120.54, $135.72

Bund, Jeffery, Law Enforcement Officer, $101,210.58, $131.88

Smith, Neil, Law Enforcement Officer, $100,585.66, $135.72

Twinem, Daniel, Law Enforcement Officer, $100,200.29, $129.26

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