Record number of Mounties disciplined over behaviour

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Record number of Mounties disciplined over behaviour

Postby Thomas » Fri Jun 27, 2014 5:33 am

Record number of Mounties disciplined over behaviour, RCMP report shows

New discipline figures from Canada’s national police force show a record number of Mounties behaving badly.

From lying under oath, to driving drunk, sharing porn on RCMP computers, to having sex in cruisers, new discipline figures from Canada’s national police force show a record number of Mounties behaving badly.

The latest report from the RCMP’s professional integrity officer shows 104 new formal discipline cases were brought forward in 2012-13 compared to an average of 88 for the previous 13 years. The report suggests the increase may be linked to the force’s tighter discipline process and a tougher stand on “bad apples” by RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson.

“It was observed in last year’s report that increased scrutiny and the stated expectations of the new commissioner might lead to an increase in both the number of formal discipline cases and suspensions,” said the sweeping report by Professional Integrity Officer Craig MacMillan, released Thursday.

“This may well have been an accurate forecast.”

With 128 cases held over from the previous year plus the 104 new formal discipline cases, the report said it has been a challenge to keep up with hearings, although the force did handle 43 cases during the year-long period and also started tracking cases by rank of officer involved and his or her years of service.

Among the cases were six incidents of drunk driving, one of them while on duty, another involving a crash, some resulting in criminal charges, and all drawing a reprimand and the loss of eight to 10 days’ pay. Two of the six incidents involved civilian members of the force.

Cruisers figured prominently on the roster of offences — one veteran sergeant lost 10 days’ pay for “improper personal use of police vehicles, cellphone and RCMP facilities to facilitate a romantic liaison.”

One new constable was docked four days’ pay for “improper use of a police vehicle to engage in consensual sexual acts with a fellow member of the RCMP” in June 2012.
Similarly, a two-year constable lost five days’ pay for the same offence a month earlier. While both were in Alberta, it’s not clear if the dalliances were related.

One 13-year corporal was reprimanded for unwanted touching of a female member of the public participating in a ride-along, and lost five days’ pay.

A six-year constable was reprimanded for viewing porn on an RCMP computer while on duty, sharing it and “transferring grossly indecent pictures,” and docked seven days’ pay.

There were multiple charges of assault, some of which triggered criminal charges, and the use of excessive force, some of which included referrals for anger management.
One constable lost seven days’ pay for sexual harassment of a female member of the force — inappropriate comments and touching while off-duty — the kind of offence for which the police force has drawn fire in recent years.

Just last year, the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP criticized the force’s understanding of what is and is not appropriate workplace behavior and its poor tracking system for harassment complaints.

The RCMP watchdog agency reviewed more than six years’ worth of harassment files that covered bullying as well as sexual harassment and found its policies too vague and open to interpretation.

Still, the latest report found that as the size of the police force has grown to 24,667, the proportion of members with serious discipline issues has fallen to .17 per cent from .30 per cent 10 years earlier.

“While any finding of misconduct is not satisfactory from an organizational and public perspective, in terms of serious acts of misbehavior requiring formal discipline,” concluded the report, “the rate of formal discipline is declining.” ... shows.html
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