OPP carelessness

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OPP carelessness

Postby bimmer driver » Tue Jun 07, 2016 9:15 pm

Pictures taken today June 7 2016 on Highway 81, just north of the 402 there were 2 OPP officers escorting a oversize load that was stuck by a low hydro wire blocking the intersection. Apparently these officers are getting paid $ 800/day by the hydro contractor and can not get out of their cars to direct traffic. The situation lasted about 1/2 hour, until hydro raised the wires and traffic continued to flow. During this chaos, people were simply driving around the truck, in wrong lanes.

The comments heard at the Tim Horton's across this chaos were: " .... since you are wearing a uniform paid for by taxpayers, driving a cruiser paid for by taxpayers, burning gas paid for by taxpayers .... the least you can do is get out and prevent an accident."

Apparently traffic cops cant even direct traffic, why am I thinking the OPP would investigate an Elder Abuse / Fraud case.....
OPP in traffic jam 1.jpg
OPP in traffic jam 2.jpg

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