support for incident trauma in the work of OPP

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support for incident trauma in the work of OPP

Postby DawningVista » Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:47 pm

Officers in the line of duty face daunting challenges. Sometimes these challenges overwhelm even the best trained and most experienced professionals. It need not invade your private life. There is recent neuroscience research that supports recovery from the emotional impact of horrific incidents. There is a peer-reviewed research paper that has just been published that outlines the medical neurology using a case study of a motor vehicle accident. The document is from the Giesel School of Medicine, Dartmouth University, Lebanon, New Hampshire. It was published for medical professionals working with trauma. If there is anyone who is faced with resolving trauma in their lives, this paper is an excellent resource to give to your family physician or mental health professional. The foundation to resolving trauma is understanding the deep structures (sub-cortical regions) in the brain that drive emotions and behavior. Talk therapy and CBT does not resolve trauma and this paper outlines why. If you contact me directly I will send you PDF copy. For more trauma information, visit For the PDF file from the Medical School, send email to

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