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Cops cought using badges for wrong reasons

PostPosted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 4:16 pm
by jordanrobert92
Police officers from GTA forces and the OPP have been caught in recent years using their positions as police — and the extraordinary powers that come with the badge — for personal gain, a Toronto Star investigation has found.

Cops have interfered with investigations into friends, searched confidential databases to keep tabs on ex-lovers and colleagues, and used police resources for personal vendettas. Others abused their power just to goof off from work.

The Star's ongoing Breaking Badge investigation has previously documented officers allowed to keep their jobs even though they were caught driving drunk, beating a spouse, inventing charges or, in one dramatic case, secretly filming a female relative showering and making pornography out of the images he captured.

Information in the stories comes from the police force's own disciplinary decisions. All officers were contacted. Most declined to comment.